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TriMount - Mountain accomodations provided by the Trizna family
TriMount is the name for our 3 wooden cottages. They are protected by 3 ( in slovak "tri") Mountains from the north: Salatín, Ráztoka and Babky. There is an old fairy tale related with the Babky peak. The hike to Babky is an easy trip.

Our wooden houses are hidden near the quiet mountain village of Bobrovec - 4 km from Liptovský Mikuláš. They offer accomodations for 15 persons. The 3 traditional wooden cottages are designed for 5 persons - each. Both the tradition of wooden cabins of the region and modern accomodation standards were joined together, in order to make you feel at home in this quiet and restful place.

Our wooden cottages are sensitively placed into the landsape. They are designed so you can relax in total privacy, while surrounded by meadows and mountains, enjoying your holidays with family and friends.

TriMount - nowhere is too far TriMount is
  • 5 km far from aquaparku Tatralandia
  • 4 km far from the Lipt.Mikuláš center
  • 2 km far from Western Tatras.

Trimount in the wreath of mountains

Because of the wreath of mountains - Tatras, which are surrounding the valley, you have a beautiful view of nature all throughout the changing seasons. The valley is protected by the Low Tatras (20 km) from the south, an area well known near the ski-resort Jasna and caves. The West Tatras (2 km), often visited by tourists in the summer and by ski enthusiasts in the winter, are easily spotted to the north.

The Hihg Tatras are to the east, where you can see our national symbol - the peak of Krivan. The wreath is enclosed by Chočské vrchy to the west. The Calming sunsets behind the mountain peaks are always unforgettable.

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