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Region Liptov has a lot of historical places to see. Trip to Vlkolínec village protected by UNESCO, in which traditional way of life from the end of 19 century has been saved till nowdays, is an ufrogottable experience, as well as visit of gothic church and jewish synagogue in Liptovsky Milukas. Wooden articular church made with no nail used in 16 century in Svatý Kríž village is also impressive experience. Interesting about this church is that whole has been designed by unalphabeted man. Near Liptovska Mara dam, there is open air Celtic museum Havranok – one of the oldest archelologic places in Liptov.

Area in 5km
There is an old baroc church from 14. century directly in village Bobrovec, with one of oldest bells in the Liptov area – almost 500 years old bell George.

Town Liptovsky Mikulas is hometown of Koloman Solol – fouder of Mexican graphic art. There is a gothic church of St. Nicolaus in the centre of the town and jewish synagogue. Synagouge which is used as concert place nowdays.

More than 5 km

Mowing towards west from Liptovsky Mikulas, there is Museum of Liptov village. Traditonal houses originate from villages fooded by Liptopvska Mara dam. Summer weekends there are usually dedicated to Slovak folklore and cafts.

Liptov has an indeal position for trips to neighbourhoods regions. Each of them attracts with characteristic atmosphere (Čičmany), majestic castles (Oravský hrad, Spišský hrad-UNESCO), traditions and historical towns (Stará Ľubovnňa)

Links and Tips

Atricular church in Sv.Kríž
Vlkolinec UNESCO
Museum of the Liptov Village
Muzeum of Koloman Sokol
Celtic Museum Havránok
Orava castle

There are some museum that are closen on Mondays, so think abou that while planning your trip.

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